Friday, January 22, 2010

A New Year

Hello Everyone!

Its been a while....A month exactly..

The Holidays were celebrated in a very simple way in my home this year! It was wonderful to have my loved ones near to me with the exception of one that I missed so much!!  I feel blessed in so many ways.
My hope for all is peace, love, understanding and unity for all!

Just the beginning of the year and tragedy struck the small island nation of Haiti! It is unbelievable that something like this could happen to a nation already struggling with poverty and lack of resources...To any nation for that matter, but this one was particularly vulnerable. However, the resilience of the human spirit and the generosity of humankind will see them through. Faith, community, and human generosity will prevail and they will rise from the ashes! We need to get out of our own comfortable worlds and take notice of others in need!  Please give, donate your time, treasure, or talent to the people of Haiti!

 Working with the daily trials and tribulations of life are difficult enough, but working through grief is beyond words. Being in the presence of grief from the perspective of a therapist is so hard. I cannot describe it. But is it is our responsibility to instill hope.. hope that the healing will come, hope that life will somehow fill the void, and hope that the darkness will fade and the sun will shine again!  Listen with love!
peace and light!