Sunday, October 27, 2013

Letting Go...

It has been a while! I have thought of many subjects on which to comment these past few weeks. One common theme I have come across has been the idea of "letting go"...

I believe that sometimes letting go of the old narratives and life suffering can be difficult...for many reasons. But, I would like to propose one good reason for letting go... and that is 'because it facilitates our ability to move forward'! Getting stuck in the negative narrative can keep us from authentic happiness and can create an armor of fear. I have found that the media has the tendency to reinforce this notion by presenting lots of negative news with countless spins revolving around the same story. Exasperating!

It is true that bad things happen and for some reason they tend to stick harder to the psyche than the good things that happen. Some events can shake anyone at their very core... the loss of a loved one or a crippling diagnosis. These are difficult indeed. I do not propose to pour pink paint over life's challenges or bad news. But I can say that over time, the idea of acceptance and letting go will allow for a new way to think, live, and BE. Developing resilience and courage to create a new narrative for life after the suffering, is key to living authentically. I can say that most times, getting stuck in the 'why?' will block movement toward the 'what now?'

Knowing that finding a new way of thinking and consequently a new way of being can lead to greater satisfaction. To accomplish this, it is important to make and effort to bring awareness to the tendency to stay stuck...through conscious awareness and countering the negative narratives. Developing the courage to move forward even in the most trying moments.  That may include the option to seek professional assistance.
If we teach ourselves to understand and accept that "shift" happens in life, then we are better equipped to meet with life's challenges and let go...Share your good news and work toward making a difference wherever you are!

Peace and Well Being,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finding Center

Today is an interesting day.. much going on nationally.  A good day for those without healthcare who now have access. But on the other hand,
 a bad day for the those who are employed by the government and have been asked to go home because the government was shut down or those new parents whose WIC assistance was suspended. This is important to consider.  

 It seems that personal or ideological agendas are overriding the importance of remaining centered and pragmatic.  I have found that looking beyond the personal toward the collective good has somehow been forgotten. Unless there is the willingness to engage and communicate in an effective way, differences will only polarize people more. 

This is relevant in all relationships in our lives... work, family, and community.  My thought is that a sign of a good leader, parent, spouse is the ability to remain centered. Only when we are well centered can we evaluate any given situation and act accordingly for the collective good ...Asking what is best for the organization, the family, or the community?   

It is important to let go of  "self centeredness"  and think of the collective good and reach compromise despite differing views.  

Hoping for prompt resolution  and forward movement.... 

Peace, Light, and Well being!