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Giving Thanks......

Hello! As I sit at home at my desk contemplating the upcoming Holiday Season and the usual feelings that accompany these times... my thoughts drift to a recent piece I read reminding me that change is truly only certain thing we have...I have known this for a very long time.. after having done the spiritual work and dealt with the discomfort that comes with this awareness. I had usually been one to desire consistency, resist change, and became dizzy when the boat was being rocked! 
But in life, 'shift happens'... and this past year, in my life, holding on to this awareness became challenging and I found myself looking to redefine old beliefs and ideas revolving around change once more.... I was reminded that we must continue to flow with the shifts and hang on tight..with awareness, self love, and trust that the new and better shift will come. 
I also found the following in my 'messages with meaning' folder I was recently rummaging through...and would like to share it…