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What's in it for ME? Let it go....

Oh how time flies....It's been almost 2 years since may last post.  Life is what happens when you are busy making plans... :)

As I reviewed the last post, I concluded that this time passed has served to help me galvanize my thoughts and feelings about authenticity and awakening during this period in my life... Now in my late 50's, I find that my priorities have changed and that living authentically is more important than ever! Watching my grandchildren grow begs the question.. what kind of a world will these little ones inherit?  And here we are ... in 2016!

In my day to day work  I assist people in the impoverished segment of our community with serious medical and mental health issues trying to navigate a complex health care system.  Each day brings with it, unique challenges for the people I serve and for myself as a professional. That being said, it has become clear to me over time within the myriad of positions that I have had in the helping profession,.. that until we AL…