What's in it for ME? Let it go....

Oh how time flies....It's been almost 2 years since may last post.  Life is what happens when you are busy making plans... :)

As I reviewed the last post, I concluded that this time passed has served to help me galvanize my thoughts and feelings about authenticity and awakening during this period in my life... Now in my late 50's, I find that my priorities have changed and that living authentically is more important than ever! Watching my grandchildren grow begs the question.. what kind of a world will these little ones inherit?  And here we are ... in 2016!

In my day to day work  I assist people in the impoverished segment of our community with serious medical and mental health issues trying to navigate a complex health care system.  Each day brings with it, unique challenges for the people I serve and for myself as a professional. That being said, it has become clear to me over time within the myriad of positions that I have had in the helping profession,.. that until we ALL  understand the importance letting go of the ME and shift focus on the WE...as the collective.., the challenge will remain overwhelming. We cannot depend solely on the social workers  and others in the helping/teaching/healthcare professions or the non profits of the world to repair the social ills of the world. Everyone has a role to play and it requires understanding, resources, time, and discomfort... Yes... discomfort. The discomfort associated with having to let go of the notions we may have about others in different life circumstances or views than our own. Thinking about others with compassion and hope.    It really does depend on ALL!

Getting out of the comfort zone...a challenge!  However, I believe that understanding and love through out humanity has to be part of the solution.  I know that sounds so cliche and perhaps Polly Anna'ish  but I don't know how else to say it... There is too much going on not to be aware and conscious of.....the alarms are sounding and something has to change.

We just can't shop it away... or blame it away,.. or medicate it away... or even vote it away.  When we begin to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts... look inside.. BE with the discomfort ....feel it, share it, and grow from it,.. will we be able to transcend what ails our own lives, our communities, our countries, and our world!  One small step at a time...one cause at a time.   It makes our own lives richer.... and more purposeful.

I wish for the world to become a kinder place. A place where my grandchildren and all children feel safe to be authentically who they are meant to be surrounded with collective love. A world where elder people are respected for their wisdom and where younger people lead with integrity and compassion.  It may be a tall order.....but if each vows to do a little part.... letting go of "my" best interest exclusively... and begin to see what could be in the best interest of the collective as well.... Perhaps.... just perhaps!!  

Happy New Year 2016!
Love and Light!


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