Sunday, January 3, 2016

What's in it for ME? Let it go....

Oh how time flies....It's been almost 2 years since may last post.  Life is what happens when you are busy making plans... :)

As I reviewed the last post, I concluded that this time passed has served to help me galvanize my thoughts and feelings about authenticity and awakening during this period in my life... Now in my late 50's, I find that my priorities have changed and that living authentically is more important than ever! Watching my grandchildren grow begs the question.. what kind of a world will these little ones inherit?  And here we are ... in 2016!

In my day to day work  I assist people in the impoverished segment of our community with serious medical and mental health issues trying to navigate a complex health care system.  Each day brings with it, unique challenges for the people I serve and for myself as a professional. That being said, it has become clear to me over time within the myriad of positions that I have had in the helping profession,.. that until we ALL  understand the importance letting go of the ME and shift focus on the the collective.., the challenge will remain overwhelming. We cannot depend solely on the social workers  and others in the helping/teaching/healthcare professions or the non profits of the world to repair the social ills of the world. Everyone has a role to play and it requires understanding, resources, time, and discomfort... Yes... discomfort. The discomfort associated with having to let go of the notions we may have about others in different life circumstances or views than our own. Thinking about others with compassion and hope.    It really does depend on ALL!

Getting out of the comfort zone...a challenge!  However, I believe that understanding and love through out humanity has to be part of the solution.  I know that sounds so cliche and perhaps Polly Anna'ish  but I don't know how else to say it... There is too much going on not to be aware and conscious of.....the alarms are sounding and something has to change.

We just can't shop it away... or blame it away,.. or medicate it away... or even vote it away.  When we begin to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts... look inside.. BE with the discomfort ....feel it, share it, and grow from it,.. will we be able to transcend what ails our own lives, our communities, our countries, and our world!  One small step at a cause at a time.   It makes our own lives richer.... and more purposeful.

I wish for the world to become a kinder place. A place where my grandchildren and all children feel safe to be authentically who they are meant to be surrounded with collective love. A world where elder people are respected for their wisdom and where younger people lead with integrity and compassion.  It may be a tall order.....but if each vows to do a little part.... letting go of "my" best interest exclusively... and begin to see what could be in the best interest of the collective as well.... Perhaps.... just perhaps!!  

Happy New Year 2016!
Love and Light!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Being Authentic....

Hello all,
It's been a while... the month of May is hours away.  I hope April was good to you! Certainly was to me as the family welcomed a new addition... a girl... Mya Julia to the world! My second grandchild! She is healthy and absolutely adorable, as you can see!

I was thinking about authenticity... and the importance of being true to oneself and how we each have to figure it out what that means for us.  We are influenced by so many things.. environment, people, technology, location, society... a myriad of stimuli and information that pours into our psyche. It is up to us to learn  and decipher to find what we are truly comfortable with.... to live authentically!

I believe it can take some longer than others to find this place of being authentic... As we move through developmental levels, we find that some things become more important than others and continue to peel away at the onion.  Peeling this onion is an ongoing journey, but the aha moments and the wonder of self discovery is truly priceless. What you believe about yourself vs. what others believe about you is important to know and will make a difference.  Is your life reflecting your desires and making a positive impact internally on your well being and externally in your relationships?  Honesty is key.

Living authentically, in my view, is finding one's essence and purpose and living it to the best of one's ability. This doesn't mean you have to go on a retreat to the mountains for days on end to find yourself. No. It means that each day we can look within and ask "how will I live authentically today!?" Letting go of the fears and reservations about the outcome. I enjoy taking a moment in the mornings to listen to the sounds of the morning and connecting with nature. Re-frame the "have to" with "I choose to" and move forward. Try it!
The pressures  and stress we place upon ourselves on a day to day basis impact our well being. I invite you to take a moment to consider peeling the onion, one day at a time.  Every person is unique with potential to make a difference through  attitude, actions, and words! Living a life that is authentic and purposeful is worth the investment and time!

Peace, Love, and Well Being!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

hey you....

Hello !! 

I found this and I thought "Hmmm...I need to share this".  I know at times we all can experience moments of doubt and fear... and we all also KNOW that focusing on fear and the naysayers will get us nowhere fast! Living in this culture, we can be faced with standards that are not only unreasonable and generic but potentially harmful! It impacts uniqueness, individuality, and creativity!  So I thought I would just remind you of how amazing YOU are!!! 
Make it a fantastic day!!!  
Peace, Light, and Well BEING!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning....

We all know that traditional spring cleaning involves getting into the nooks, crannies, behind, below, and above!! Getting it ALL covered is the key!!  It is an accomplishment to get rid of the accumulated dust and "stuff" we no longer have use for. Donating and making space for the new.... it's all good.  But what about the inside? 
At times, focus is primarily on the external in the hope that if the outside looks good, the inside is good. Of course, having things in order and clean IS definitely a good feeling. However, it can soon fade if the inside is not also taken care of. 
Do we readily consider doing an internal spring cleaning?  Digging deep inside and to assess how things are going inside... Are there cobwebs around set goals? Is the relationship dusty and dull? Is the job a big pile up? Losing connection with loved ones?   Investing in a few counseling sessions can be just the thing for this spring! 
Start fresh.... outside and inside! 
Happy Spring!!  
Peace, Love, and Well Being!!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blogger's Block!!

Hello All!

It has been a while since my last post....To be honest..I recently read about the importance of consistency in blogging and business and I felt compelled to get on board and write a blog. Oh the pressure!  But I just couldn't figure out what to write about. World issues, good causes, experiences, holidays, therapeutic themes and trends all swirled in my head. I would tell myself on any given day that I HAD to do this. Of course that pressure from the "experts" weighed heavy on my shoulders. I can't use the excuse that I have been so "busy" that I could not write. No! This BB was personal.

Life just has a way to throw us on our backs so we can pay attention. This was literal for me.  Last week I pinched my left sciatic nerve and was down for a few days. Ouch...ouch...ouch! There was the initial panic. I remained still to pray and put my thoughts in order. I took a breath and remembered that I did, after all, work as an orthopedic nurse back in the day and there was no need to panic. I would consult the best spine specialist I knew. Conveniently, my children's father is a great spine surgeon so I called him. He gave me great advice and today I find myself 98% improved. Very grateful for the assistance and the support family and friends, near and far, showed me! I am convinced love heals and we are never truly alone! This was a physical setback I experienced compounding other setbacks I had recently experienced. Perhaps I needed this to consider what really matters and recharge myself.  Re-connect. I had time to contemplate and my thoughts revolved around purpose, meaning, and authenticity.

As a counselor, I do my best to assist clients to find their authentic self and find purpose beyond the presenting issue.  I cannot describe how this work fulfills me and the testimonials I have received over time ( serve to motivate me to continue learning, giving,  and growing! As a counselor though, I am not immune to setbacks of my own and it is important to take the time to reflect, connect,  and re-calibrate! Setbacks can be relevant and consequential in many ways. But despite the challenges, I choose to see them as opportunities for growth and innovation. An opportunity to review purpose, meaning and authenticity. An opportunity to remind myself that my voice is a unique  part of the collective. There are so many people doing great things for others in the world and being part of the solution is something we can all strive for!  Good things in the horizon!

Happy to be back!!

Peace, Light, and Well being!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year...

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the New Year 2014!! It is so exciting to begin a new year...
I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to all for the support offered in 2013!

I have learned over the past year that although some experiences can be initially perceived as negative, in the long run, if we take the time to reflect and seek out the underlying lesson, it all works out in the end! Failure is part of the process and a great opportunity for growth. We are all here for a purpose and doing what we love is part of that purpose! In other words, being true to who we are!

What we bring to this new year depends on our willingness to stay true to our dreams, hopes, and desire to be the best we can be. Only in this way can we be the best for others and make the world a better place. It is a risky proposition. After all, we all like to feel secure. But taking risks to make the changes we desire for our own happiness and well being builds courage and perseverance. One of the biggest lessons I have learned in life is that we cannot control all of the variables in life. We can only control how we respond to whatever presents itself. But I have also learned that if we do what we love with passion, sincerity, integrity, and good will, the outcome will be time!

Is there anything you have really wanted to do that you have put off?  This is the year to explore the possibilities!  Do not be discouraged...set small attainable goals and take the time to work toward them each and every day!

My hope is that this new year is filled with experiences of growth, health, happiness and success!!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Giving Thanks......

As I sit at home at my desk contemplating the upcoming Holiday Season and the usual feelings that accompany these times... my thoughts drift to a recent piece I read reminding me that change is truly only certain thing we have...I have known this for a very long time.. after having done the spiritual work and dealt with the discomfort that comes with this awareness. I had usually been one to desire consistency, resist change, and became dizzy when the boat was being rocked! 

But in life, 'shift happens'... and this past year, in my life, holding on to this awareness became challenging and I found myself looking to redefine old beliefs and ideas revolving around change once more.... I was reminded that we must continue to flow with the shifts and hang on tight..with awareness, self love, and trust that the new and better shift will come. 

I also found the following in my 'messages with meaning' folder I was recently rummaging through...and would like to share it with you today.... I don't know who the author is,  but suffice it to say... the information is pragmatic and speaks to the season, offering a spin to the countless years of repeated behaviors and promises....It's an "Out of the Box" favorite!!  I hope you enjoy it! 

Time for a Change?    Author  Unknown 

We already know what we need to improve- our fitness level, availability to friends/family, amount of quality spiritual time. But sometimes, the more we resolve to change, the more we feel as thought we've failed when our "to do" list of goals ends up a crumpled piece of paper in a dark corner of our desks- and our minds. 

That's why this year, I decided to take the opposite approach to make some positive changes in my mental, spiritual, and physical health. Instead of adding more to my life, I am seeing what I can delete from it for a manageable span of time-one week.  I'm discovering that the benefits I gain from these "fasts" are surprisingly healthful. Give them a try: you'll benefit too. 

Fast from Worry- A worrisome mindset wreaks havoc on our mental and physical states - you can become sluggish, depressed or filled with aches and pains. When you can't break the worrywart cycle, pretend your mind's a television set and your switching channels. If worry is something you'd like to change about your life, try switching the channels for a week. It'll transform the way you feel. 

Fast from Fast Food- For one week, bring lunch from home. After skipping fast food at lunchtime for a week or two, surprisingly, the stuff won't have the same appeal. And, you'll save a load of money!

Fast from the Media - I'm not talking about abstaining from all television, newspapers and magazines for a week. What I am suggesting is a fast from all the bad news floating out there. It seems that in today's world, nobody's honest, nobody's to be trusted, and nobody's sure we're going to survive into the next century. This year, join me in taking a break from the doom and gloom for seven days-you'll start looking up!
Fast from Criticism- There's power in what you say-but also in what you don't say. Fast from criticism for a week; it will impact the way you relate to others. 
Wishing you all the happiness and success!   

             My wish for you is that your Thanksgiving holiday this week is filled with joy, hope, and the creation of wonderful memories! Thank you for reading! 
Peace,Light, and Well-being,