Spring Cleaning....

We all know that traditional spring cleaning involves getting into the nooks, crannies, behind, below, and above!! Getting it ALL covered is the key!!  It is an accomplishment to get rid of the accumulated dust and "stuff" we no longer have use for. Donating and making space for the new.... it's all good.  But what about the inside? 
At times, focus is primarily on the external in the hope that if the outside looks good, the inside is good. Of course, having things in order and clean IS definitely a good feeling. However, it can soon fade if the inside is not also taken care of. 
Do we readily consider doing an internal spring cleaning?  Digging deep inside and to assess how things are going inside... Are there cobwebs around set goals? Is the relationship dusty and dull? Is the job a big pile up? Losing connection with loved ones?   Investing in a few counseling sessions can be just the thing for this spring! 
Start fresh.... outside and inside! 
Happy Spring!!  
Peace, Love, and Well Being!!!


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