Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Oh my! Its been 3 weeks since my initial blog! It has been super busy at work! Finding that balance in life can be so difficult. I haven't seen many of my good friends in quite a while now! I miss them and commit to changing this in the new year!!  It just seems as though the months fly by... whoever said the older you get, the quicker time passes was not kidding!!
  However, it does seem as though everything is on fast mode... I suppose globalization and technology has contributed.. But I can recall the times when businesses closed on Sundays and it served as a reprieve...a time to breathe, catch up and prepare for the new week at work or school. It was a chance to spend time with family and maybe even go to the park and play some ball, go ice skating, build a snowman (I was raised in New York) or just have some fun! I don't want to speak for all....maybe you have the ideal situation in your life but my experience and my observations tell me different.

Fast forward to the present...The frenzy around this time of year can create chaos. It seems there is no longer time to think, refresh, and replenish! The stores open at 4 am and close at midnight.  People sit in lines for hours and hours to buy that "special" item.  This madness is reinforced by the media and the consumerism we have come to develop in this society. But what happens when there are no resources to fill this  "need"?? When the ideal Holiday scene simply cannot be... a reality for many particularly during these difficult economic times! Goodness knows I have seen my share these past few weeks!!  I have been blessed to have helped make a difference in the lives of others who struggle so hard to make ends meet and those who have no ends to meet! We have attempted to brighten their lives with our services,and  by instilling hope, and providing holiday gifts  we gathered through our holiday drive!

Truth be told, the Holidays have historically created angst for most in this country. We spend time analyzing whether or not we accomplished our goals for 2009 and wonder what we will accomplish in the year to come. A myriad of feelings arise depending on that analysis and the negative feelings can creep in and can cloud the true meaning of the season! Think about it.. Can we change anything that happened? Not really.  But we CAN extract the lessons, make necesary adjustments and move forward. Yes.. we can!  Allow me to share....
I have empty nested this past year and the adjustment has been great!  It's funny though. My thought was that I would feel so relieved and in a way I am! I am satisfied that my children have moved on and are making their own life choices and are doing well.. But it can get lonely too...This will be the first Christmas that I will not have them all at home to celebrate together!! For a Puerto Rican family, that is not natural! :)  I have taken time to do my own analysis and I can say that I have processed it and concluded that the challenges of this year for me including health challenges, moving, new beginings, and more have served to only make me stronger, better, and grateful...for life, for health,  for friends, for family, and for love!

 I suggest we change how we do things for next year! Infuse positivity into our lives...practice giving and raising consciousness to the needs of others and when thinking about 2010, keep your mind on the journey with your eyes on the vision! Creating that balance. But not forgetting to live in the moment.. in the now. Keep your eyes open, smile and be as happy as possible. Set goals that are doable taking into consideration the dedication and time required to make it happen and then MAKE IT HAPPEN!  The sky is the limit when you are passionate about something! Round up a good support system and go for it!!

May your Holidays be filled with much health, love, and happy surprises!!
See  you in 2010!

Felicidades !!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Begining

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I was inspired when I saw the movie Julie and Julia a while ago.  I was fascinated and thought why not..? It took some time, but here I am!

My area of passion is a little different. I leave the cooking to my son, the chef!
I am passionate about people and the power of transformation!

When one works as a therapist one receives the innermost feelings and thoughts and fears of people who are desperately seeking answers.

The therapeutic relationship is confidential and therefore you will only be reading my thoughts and how my work impacts my life experience! 
 I can say that sometimes, when I listen to clients, I can observe Carl Jung's "collective unconscious" play out. At times there are themes that flow throughout the week!  Its very interesting and one never knows how the day will go!  I like this aspect in particular.
I join clients on their life journey for a given amount of time listening and assisting them in finding their way.  

Similarly, I have a journey of my own and I am interested in writing about that. About my journey and the interweaving of work, family, and relationships in love, with friends, and with colleagues.
I was talking with a therapist friend of mine today   We talked about life in this profession  The challenges and the need to take care of ourselves and to live life to the fullest. After all, we have been witness to so much suffering and pain caused by mental illness, trauma, and substance abuse.   We are both very passionate about our work.  Particularly with persons who are underprivileged; who see their lives as broken and count on us to help them put the pieces back together. It takes courage to look inside for answers  but we work to provide hope and explore ways to begin.
It is an honor, a privilege, and a opportunity to empower someone find him or her "self". I provide what I consider as a sacred space within which they are to find safety and compassion to dig deep and find their answers. It is so wonderful to witness the growth, reconciliation,healing, and renewed self esteem!!
But what really fascinates me how strong people can be without even knowing it!
Finding ways to survive in what can be a hostile and at times a bias environment.
It really blows me away how truly amazing the human spirit can be!
I learn from these experiences and they serve to make my journey that much more enriched!

You are welcome to join me as I explore my thoughts on this venue.
I don't know how this will evolve but I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and hopefully something good will come out of this. The sky is the limit!
I welcome comments and ideas or questions about my postings 

peace and light