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On Being Authentic....

Hello all,
It's been a while... the month of May is hours away.  I hope April was good to you! Certainly was to me as the family welcomed a new addition... a girl... Mya Julia to the world! My second grandchild! She is healthy and absolutely adorable, as you can see!

I was thinking about authenticity... and the importance of being true to oneself and how we each have to figure it out what that means for us.  We are influenced by so many things.. environment, people, technology, location, society... a myriad of stimuli and information that pours into our psyche. It is up to us to learn  and decipher to find what we are truly comfortable with.... to live authentically!

I believe it can take some longer than others to find this place of being authentic... As we move through developmental levels, we find that some things become more important than others and continue to peel away at the onion.  Peeling this onion is an ongoing journey, but the aha moments and the wonder of self disco…