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Happy Holidays!

Oh my! Its been 3 weeks since my initial blog! It has been super busy at work! Finding that balance in life can be so difficult. I haven't seen many of my good friends in quite a while now! I miss them and commit to changing this in the new year!!  It just seems as though the months fly by... whoever said the older you get, the quicker time passes was not kidding!!
  However, it does seem as though everything is on fast mode... I suppose globalization and technology has contributed.. But I can recall the times when businesses closed on Sundays and it served as a reprieve...a time to breathe, catch up and prepare for the new week at work or school. It was a chance to spend time with family and maybe even go to the park and play some ball, go ice skating, build a snowman (I was raised in New York) or just have some fun! I don't want to speak for all....maybe you have the ideal situation in your life but my experience and my observations tell me different.

Fast forward to the p…

The Begining

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I was inspired when I saw the movie Julie and Julia a while ago.  I was fascinated and thought why not..? It took some time, but here I am!

My area of passion is a little different. I leave the cooking to my son, the chef!
I am passionate about people and the power of transformation!

When one works as a therapist one receives the innermost feelings and thoughts and fears of people who are desperately seeking answers.

The therapeutic relationship is confidential and therefore you will only be reading my thoughts and how my work impacts my life experience! 
 I can say that sometimes, when I listen to clients, I can observe Carl Jung's "collective unconscious" play out. At times there are themes that flow throughout the week!  Its very interesting and one never knows how the day will go!  I like this aspect in particular.
I join clients on their life journey for a given amount of time listening and assisting them in …