Monday, September 23, 2013

On having a Vision...

Happy Monday! 
Hoping your week is off to a great start!  
Today I reflected on the importance of having a Vision. A clear view of purpose that leads to lasting fulfillment and satisfaction in life! Will your vision leave an imprint and define your legacy?  What is your vision for yourself?  How are you working toward making it happen?  What motivates your vision?  Are you actively working toward your vision? 
There are times when life's vision can be clearer than at other times. Taking the time to examine these questions periodically can be beneficial.  Many times we can hit the ground running and feel the wind on our backs moving us forward... and it feels wonderful! But there are also times when the vision becomes blurred with obstacles and hitting the proverbial wall can knock the wind right out!  Some of the obstacles can be external and some can be internal.  One interesting view I learned in a recent Brave Heart women webinar I viewed was that the internal obstacles are the most challenging ones. The ones created when achieving the vision becomes difficult, and the some of the  work involved in achieving the vision is tough, tedious, and not fun. Perhaps we don't enjoy or know enough about marketing, selling, networking, or studying innovative concepts...that are may be required for the realization of the vision. This brings stagnation and putting off the vision... possibly even putting the vision away for a better time to come around. And that can be a choice...after all, it is about choices.  However, time passes so quickly and having regrets is no way to honor your vision. The point is building the courage to break through the wall...dispelling fears and self-imposed limitations that prevent us from living our vision.  This is the time to take a step back to renew and re-strategize, seek support, collaborate, re-focus and develop an alliance to your vision and yourself. 
It is when challenges and obstacles try to block our vision is when we must focus more intently on what we set out to do!! Find your vision and stick with it... 

Peace, Light, and Well-Being,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hello All!
The Labor Day weekend is come and gone and with it the summertime! Although the seasonal shift here in Florida is minimal, one can still feel a subtle change...perhaps in the state of mind more than in the weather. Summer is over and most have already shifted gears. Academic year well under way and important projects on the "to do" list are in motion! I miss the seasonal changes. When I lived in NYC, it was great looking forward to activities associated with the seasons.... Not sure I could take the intense cold anymore though...

It think life can be seen as seasonal as well...  The spring of life is filled with motivation and desire to make the best of it. We are determined and unstoppable! It is a playful time and time for planting the seeds of new ideas and desired accomplishments. The summer of life can be warm and filled with hope and renewal. The fall of life is when one harvests the seeds and reaps what one has sowed.   And the winter of life may feel contemplative and filled with satisfaction! And of course, the other version can be true as well... 

Remember that the seasons can be unpredictable and bring with them storms, periods of drought and destructive floods!! And in its own way, nature has the innate ability to recover. Life's seasons are no different. And in those times it is important to believe in your own capacity to get through the challenging times. To seek support and to love yourself the most!! It is after all, about choices... and it all depends on our perspective and our ability to manage our way through life's seasons...

Enjoy the Fall season wherever you are!!! 
Peace, Light, and Well-being!

Monday, September 2, 2013

50 Shades...of Truth!

You may have heard the adage "the truth will set you free". I like Marianne Williamson's addition of  "but first it will piss you off"! Ain't that the "truth"... or is it?  I wanted to expand just a little on the subject only because there is so much going on in the world and possibly in one's own backyard that stopping to reflect on how we even feel about "truth" is in order.  

There are scientifically proven truths that are accepted such as the earth being round and revolving around the sun.... And still, several of these established truths are debated... take global warming for example...Of course, healthy debate feeds the appetite for knowledge, change, improvement, and growth!! After all, had the theory of the earth being flat or the sun revolving around the earth had not been challenged back in the day...!? Note that I used the word "healthy"....So it seems pretty amazing how truth can be such a relative term. Truth can be based on experience, personal filters, emotions, beliefs, and outcomes. These have an obvious impact on how we see the world, function in the world, relate to, and experience the world. So if we are all believing in our own truths... then how can we reconcile our truths and reach of place of harmony? 

My professional and personal experience tell me that only when we can develop the ability to first of all listen...and then recognize someone else's truth as they experience it...without quick judgement. Only then, can we enter into a healthy debate to reach a beneficial outcome. Sometimes it will be upsetting to hear someone say something we don't want to hear ...especially if there is a big emotional investment. and one
 finds that a few nuggets of what is said are truths possibly forgotten!? However, if one takes time to think and digest what was becomes easier to understand the other's perspective. Building or rebuilding a foundation of honestly and respect is easier when we can clarify truth.   This way, we can appreciate, empathize, understand and move forward! Just a nugget of truth as I see it.

A great week to all!

Peace, Light, and Well-being!!