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As I sit at home at my desk contemplating the upcoming Holiday Season and the usual feelings that accompany these times... my thoughts drift to a recent piece I read reminding me that change is truly only certain thing we have...I have known this for a very long time.. after having done the spiritual work and dealt with the discomfort that comes with this awareness. I had usually been one to desire consistency, resist change, and became dizzy when the boat was being rocked! 

But in life, 'shift happens'... and this past year, in my life, holding on to this awareness became challenging and I found myself looking to redefine old beliefs and ideas revolving around change once more.... I was reminded that we must continue to flow with the shifts and hang on tight..with awareness, self love, and trust that the new and better shift will come. 

I also found the following in my 'messages with meaning' folder I was recently rummaging through...and would like to share it with you today.... I don't know who the author is,  but suffice it to say... the information is pragmatic and speaks to the season, offering a spin to the countless years of repeated behaviors and promises....It's an "Out of the Box" favorite!!  I hope you enjoy it! 

Time for a Change?    Author  Unknown 

We already know what we need to improve- our fitness level, availability to friends/family, amount of quality spiritual time. But sometimes, the more we resolve to change, the more we feel as thought we've failed when our "to do" list of goals ends up a crumpled piece of paper in a dark corner of our desks- and our minds. 

That's why this year, I decided to take the opposite approach to make some positive changes in my mental, spiritual, and physical health. Instead of adding more to my life, I am seeing what I can delete from it for a manageable span of time-one week.  I'm discovering that the benefits I gain from these "fasts" are surprisingly healthful. Give them a try: you'll benefit too. 

Fast from Worry- A worrisome mindset wreaks havoc on our mental and physical states - you can become sluggish, depressed or filled with aches and pains. When you can't break the worrywart cycle, pretend your mind's a television set and your switching channels. If worry is something you'd like to change about your life, try switching the channels for a week. It'll transform the way you feel. 

Fast from Fast Food- For one week, bring lunch from home. After skipping fast food at lunchtime for a week or two, surprisingly, the stuff won't have the same appeal. And, you'll save a load of money!

Fast from the Media - I'm not talking about abstaining from all television, newspapers and magazines for a week. What I am suggesting is a fast from all the bad news floating out there. It seems that in today's world, nobody's honest, nobody's to be trusted, and nobody's sure we're going to survive into the next century. This year, join me in taking a break from the doom and gloom for seven days-you'll start looking up!
Fast from Criticism- There's power in what you say-but also in what you don't say. Fast from criticism for a week; it will impact the way you relate to others. 
Wishing you all the happiness and success!   

             My wish for you is that your Thanksgiving holiday this week is filled with joy, hope, and the creation of wonderful memories! Thank you for reading! 
Peace,Light, and Well-being,


  1. i am all about a fast from the stimulation!! we are doing one right now! love it xxxx


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