Blogger's Block!!

Hello All!

It has been a while since my last post....To be honest..I recently read about the importance of consistency in blogging and business and I felt compelled to get on board and write a blog. Oh the pressure!  But I just couldn't figure out what to write about. World issues, good causes, experiences, holidays, therapeutic themes and trends all swirled in my head. I would tell myself on any given day that I HAD to do this. Of course that pressure from the "experts" weighed heavy on my shoulders. I can't use the excuse that I have been so "busy" that I could not write. No! This BB was personal.

Life just has a way to throw us on our backs so we can pay attention. This was literal for me.  Last week I pinched my left sciatic nerve and was down for a few days. Ouch...ouch...ouch! There was the initial panic. I remained still to pray and put my thoughts in order. I took a breath and remembered that I did, after all, work as an orthopedic nurse back in the day and there was no need to panic. I would consult the best spine specialist I knew. Conveniently, my children's father is a great spine surgeon so I called him. He gave me great advice and today I find myself 98% improved. Very grateful for the assistance and the support family and friends, near and far, showed me! I am convinced love heals and we are never truly alone! This was a physical setback I experienced compounding other setbacks I had recently experienced. Perhaps I needed this to consider what really matters and recharge myself.  Re-connect. I had time to contemplate and my thoughts revolved around purpose, meaning, and authenticity.

As a counselor, I do my best to assist clients to find their authentic self and find purpose beyond the presenting issue.  I cannot describe how this work fulfills me and the testimonials I have received over time ( serve to motivate me to continue learning, giving,  and growing! As a counselor though, I am not immune to setbacks of my own and it is important to take the time to reflect, connect,  and re-calibrate! Setbacks can be relevant and consequential in many ways. But despite the challenges, I choose to see them as opportunities for growth and innovation. An opportunity to review purpose, meaning and authenticity. An opportunity to remind myself that my voice is a unique  part of the collective. There are so many people doing great things for others in the world and being part of the solution is something we can all strive for!  Good things in the horizon!

Happy to be back!!

Peace, Light, and Well being!


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